120172-001 - Quick Cable 120172-001 Battery Box Group 27 Black Package of 1

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Fits all group 27 battery group sizes,Fits all new orbital or spiral celled, deep cycle, high performance batteries,New convenient battery box application guide,QuickLock„Copper Cover - Easy-on and easy-off,Safe and secure,Convenient, fast, durable,QuickLock„Copper prevents cover loss,Use hold-down holes molded in to reinforced handles,Use J-hooks, L-hooks, threaded rod or lag bolts,Remove the lid while keeping the box secure,New Tougher Material - Impact resistant to -30°F (-34°C),Heat stable to +200°F (+93°C),Meets U.S. Coast Guard Regulations 183.420 and ABYCE-10.7,Impervious to acid, gasoline, oil and solvents,Will not rust, UV protected,Length: 16-1/8 Inches (40.9 cm),Width: 9-5/8 Inches (24.4 cm),Height: 10-7/8 Inches (27.6 cm),Length: 12-3/4 Inches (32.4 cm),Width: 7-1/4 Inches (18.4 cm),Height: 10 Inches (25.4 cm)

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