HF28948 - Cummins Fleetguard Hydraulic Filter

Direct Replacement FLEETGUARD - Direct Replacement

Std Pack : 1
Price : $152.83
$ 91 .70

You Save: 61.13 (40.00%)

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Cummins Fleetguard Fleetguard Hydraulic Filter Cartridge Cummins Filtration Brand Hydraulic Filtration Products Achieve Higher Efficiency And Dust Capacity With Lower Pressure-Drop Characteristics Than The Competition. This Prolongs Component Life, Which Saves You Money In The Long Run. We Offer An Extensive Line Of Hydraulic Filtration Products For Medium And Low-Duty Applications. The Proper Oil-Cleanliness Level For Critical Clearances On Components In The Hydraulic Fluid Stream Is The Key.

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Brand Name FleetguardWeight 1.1300LB
New vs. Reman New

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Cross References

Competitor PartNoCompetitor NameInterChange TypeNotes
W074334WIRTGENDirect Replacement
165R010ECONHYDACDirect Replacement
165R010BN3HCHYDACDirect Replacement
32901100J.C.B.Direct Replacement
320121INTERNORMENDirect Replacement
32925346J.C.B.Direct Replacement
32913500J.C.B.Direct Replacement
32910100J.C.B.Direct Replacement
42059012DEMAGDirect Replacement
4102541ROUSSEAUDirect Replacement
417906J.C.B.Direct Replacement
63050024GUIMADirect Replacement
GHF7139GREYFRIARSDirect Replacement
P564859DONALDSONDirect Replacement
PT23103MPGBALDWINDirect Replacement
PT8484BALDWINDirect Replacement
PT9372BALDWINDirect Replacement
SH74016HIFI/JURA FILTRATIONDirect Replacement
SH74233HIFI/JURA FILTRATIONDirect Replacement
14375005VOLVODirect Replacement
57005WIXDirect Replacement
7023205J.L.G. INDUSTRIESDirect Replacement
74334WIRTGENDirect Replacement
HY9822SF FILTRESDirect Replacement
HY13194SF FILTRESDirect Replacement
HY13572SF FILTRESDirect Replacement
HD4191MANN & HUMMELDirect Replacement
RE065G10BSTAUFFDirect Replacement
WGH9163WOODGATEDirect Replacement
HF28948FLEETGUARDDirect Replacement
P564859DONDirect Replacement
SH74016JURAFILDirect Replacement
PT23103MPGBALDDirect Replacement
PT8484BALDDirect Replacement
PT9372BALDDirect Replacement
HD4191MANNDirect Replacement
GHF7139GREYFRRSDirect Replacement
32901100JCBAMFORDirect Replacement
32910100JCBAMFORDirect Replacement
32913500JCBAMFORDirect Replacement
32925346JCBAMFORDirect Replacement
417906JCBAMFORDirect Replacement
70001960JLGIDirect Replacement
7023205JLGIDirect Replacement
320121INTERNORDirect Replacement