MS52 - Mahle New Starter Motor AZE4639 12V 3.2KW 12T

Direct Replacement MAHLE - Direct Replacement

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Brand Name MahleWeight 13.1000LB
New vs. Reman New
Design PLGR
Manufacturer MAHLEVoltage 12
Product Family MAHLE AZE4639Polarity Grounded
Power Rating 3.2Starter Rotation Clockwise
Mounting Type FLANGEMounting Bolt Hole Quantity 3
Tooth Quantity 12open nose closed nose pad mount saddle mount Open Nose

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Cross References

Competitor PartNoCompetitor NameInterChange TypeNotes
IS9420 ISKRADirect Replacement
MS52MAHLEDirect Replacement
SR7586X BOSCHDirect Replacement
28727DELCODirect Replacement
011603650ELPARDirect Replacement
3C3U-11000-AB FORDDirect Replacement
3C3U-11000-AC FORDDirect Replacement
3C3U-AB FORDDirect Replacement
3C3U-AC FORDDirect Replacement
3C3Z-11002-AA FORDDirect Replacement
6C2T-11000-AA FORDDirect Replacement
6C2T-AA FORDDirect Replacement
6C2Z-11002-AA FORDDirect Replacement
6011123C91 INTERNATIONALDirect Replacement
11.139.426 ISKRADirect Replacement
AZE4639 ISKRADirect Replacement
6670LESTERDirect Replacement
X6670S MOTOR CAR PARTS NUMBERSDirect Replacement
SA-904 MOTORCRAFTDirect Replacement
SA-931 MOTORCRAFTDirect Replacement
76193NAPA HDDirect Replacement
76193N NAPA HDDirect Replacement
150-351 PICNMDirect Replacement
3789RELIANCEDirect Replacement
2-2215-FD WAIDirect Replacement
6670N WAIDirect Replacement
91-02-5903 WILSON REMANDirect Replacement
91-02-5903NWILSON REMANDirect Replacement
3C3U11000ABFORDDirect Replacement
3C3U11000ABMISC OEM MFG#Direct Replacement
6670NAPADirect Replacement
11.139.426CARGODirect Replacement
113703CARGODirect Replacement
AZE4639CARGODirect Replacement
11.139.426FORDDirect Replacement
3C3U11000AAFORDDirect Replacement
3C3U11000ACFORDDirect Replacement
3C3U11002AAFORDDirect Replacement
6C2T11000AAFORDDirect Replacement
6C2T11002AAFORDDirect Replacement
AZE4639FORDDirect Replacement
11.139.426LESTERDirect Replacement
AZE4639LESTERDirect Replacement
11.139.426MOTORCRAFTDirect Replacement
AZE4639MOTORCRAFTDirect Replacement
SA904MOTORCRAFTDirect Replacement
SA931MOTORCRAFTDirect Replacement
SA977MOTORCRAFTDirect Replacement
SA977RMMOTORCRAFTDirect Replacement
11.139.426WILSONDirect Replacement
91-02-5903WILSONDirect Replacement
91-02-5903NWILSONDirect Replacement
AZE4639WILSONDirect Replacement
TSS2710NISKRADirect Replacement
72735680MAHLEDirect Replacement
RMY95532ISKRADirect Replacement
IS9420MAHLEDirect Replacement
IS9420LETRIKADirect Replacement
ISKMS52ROMAINEDirect Replacement
11.139.426MAHLEDirect Replacement
11139426MAHLEDirect Replacement
AZE4639MAHLEDirect Replacement
410-14050J&NDirect Replacement
RMY28727DELCODirect Replacement
11.139.426BOSCHDirect Replacement
AZE4639BOSCHDirect Replacement
SR 7586 XBOSCHDirect Replacement
3C 3U 11000 AAFORDDirect Replacement
3C 3U 11000 ABFORDDirect Replacement
3C 3U 11000 ACFORDDirect Replacement
3C 3U 11002 AAFORDDirect Replacement
6C 2T 11000 AAFORDDirect Replacement
6C 2T 11002 AAFORDDirect Replacement
SA 904MOTORCRAFTDirect Replacement
SA 931MOTORCRAFTDirect Replacement
SA 977MOTORCRAFTDirect Replacement
SA 977RMMOTORCRAFTDirect Replacement